Latchkey at River City Preschool

Handling their fun and learning, while you tackle early morning and late afternoon!

Student and teacher working on a 4H project

Turning Before/After-School Hours into Power Hours

Get ready for an amazing adventure with the Before/After School Program at River City Preschool! 

This is far more than a standard post-school routine. It's a launchpad for your child's creativity and cognitive expansion. With a myriad of stimulating learning activities and a space teeming with creativity, we morph the typical post-school hours into a period of curious investigation and fascinating discoveries. 

Count on River City Preschool to amplify your child's potential and make sure they're having an unforgettable time!

Gear Up for a Whirlwind of Wonder!

Get ready to be "Wowed" with our After School Program at River City Preschool! We've gone above and beyond to create a program that offers so much more than the average after-school care. With convenient transport to and from many nearby schools, we ensure your child enjoys a safe and comfortable environment.

To keep things exciting, we blend in homework time with a sprinkle of fitness opportunities, a dash of Art activities, and a hefty helping of social interactions. With us, classrooms are never a realm of monotony but a vibrant space full of engaging activities, specially designed keeping the older students' interests in mind.

A perfect mix of Fitness, Friendship, and Fun awaits your 5-12 year old at River City Preschool. After a light afternoon snack, we offer homework assistance, and a peaceful setting for students to cool down after their school day.

Led by our lively, adventurous, and highly positive instructors, your children are not just in safe hands but also in an environment that encourages them to be the best version of themselves. 

Welcome to River City Preschool, where every afternoon is an unforgettable adventure!

Kid playing in the pool at the after school program at River City Preschool
Kids with painted hands making designs

From Schoolyard to Playground - An After School Dream Destination!

Get set for an experience like no other with our After School Program at River City Preschool! We work hand in hand with nearby schools, establishing a seamless transition from classroom to our exciting club. Whether your child is dropped off at our location or we arrange pick-up in one of our River City Preschool buses, we ensure a smooth ride. Serving schools including Dunlap, Kellar, and Northmoor, we've got your logistics covered.

At River City Preschool, we prioritize balanced nutrition and academics before play. Healthy snacks to fuel their bodies and dedicated homework time to stimulate their minds are the first order of business when we arrive at our academy.

But we're not just about books and bites! We amp up the excitement with weekly Gymnastics and Swimming classes. With an hour dedicated each week to these activities, your child gets a chance to learn skills seldom offered in most after-school programs. Guided by our experienced instructors, they'll dive into new experiences, develop new talents, and have a whole lot of fun while doing it. 

Welcome to the River City Preschool, where every day brings a new opportunity to learn, grow, and play!

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