Infant Care at River City Preschool

Welcome to our Infant Care Program, where the journey of growth and discovery begins!

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Embrace Growth & Discovery

Every day, we strive to create a nurturing environment that cultivates curiosity, fosters emotional well-being, and encourages early learning for our youngest members. 

As parents, you'll discover the immense benefits of high-quality infant care programs, such as enhancing social skills and promoting cognitive development. So, get ready to let your child experience the joy of learning, all in the safe, stimulating, and caring atmosphere of River City Preschool. 

Your child's bright future starts right here, right now!

Nurturing Growth, Cultivating Confidence!

Your little one's inaugural year is a magical whirlwind, teeming with discovery and monumental growth. This transformative period lays the groundwork for a promising future, and at River City Preschool, we're committed to making it exceptional.

Leaving your infant in the care of another can be challenging. It takes trust to believe your child will receive the same love, care, and stimulation that you provide. That's where our Infants Program steps in - to ease your mind and reassure your heart.

Here at River City Preschool, we tailor our care to your child's specific needs, guided by the daily schedule you provide. We complement their routine with engaging activities designed to foster cognitive and social growth, building an essential foundation for their development.

Our adept infant educators form a bond of trust with your baby – and you – establishing a comforting, nurturing space. This supportive environment cultivates self-confidence in your little one, fostering positive and trusting relationships. At River City Preschool, we provide an infant day care setting that encourages children to learn, grow, and thrive.

After all, flourishing is what we do best!

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Tailored Care and Growth, One Infant at a Time!

Choosing River City Preschool means embracing a serene, comforting environment designed to consistently foster positive social growth. From the moment of birth, we align our routine with the familiar rhythm of your home life, ensuring seamless continuity for your little one.

Our skilled educators establish a foundation of trust with both you and your infant, with open communication at the heart of our approach. Upon enrollment and every following morning, parents provide us with an informational sheet. This personalized roadmap empowers our caring and attentive teachers to understand and cater to your infant's unique needs.

We prioritize flexibility, adapting our space to the needs of each child. Daily activities are crafted to ignite your baby’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development. At River City Preschool, we promise a child-care environment that goes beyond just good; it's tailored, nurturing, and productive, a place where children truly flourish in their individuality.

At River City Preschool, our seasoned educators transform caregiving into an enriching learning experience. They design lesson plans attuned to your child's unique needs and developmental milestones. The focus? Skill-building that encompasses gross and fine motor development, cognitive growth, social-emotional learning, and language enhancement.

Our daily agenda is full of engaging activities: from tender one-on-one moments, strolls in the buggy, sing-along sessions, and storytelling time, to sensory activities and tummy time. We also prioritize personal care, nourishing meals, and outdoor adventures when weather permits.

Children are encouraged to explore at their own pace with developmental toys within easy reach. To promote active engagement, we limit time spent in restrictive equipment such as swings, exer-saucers, and bouncy seats.

Every day, you'll receive a detailed log outlining your child's feeding, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities. Furthermore, our teachers conduct bi-annual assessments using comprehensive developmental checklists. This way, at River City Preschool, we ensure your child's development is always on track and you stay well-informed every step of the way.

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River City Preschool: (309) 693-5757

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Kid’s Club: (309) 693-5700

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