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ABC's... Adventure, Brilliance, and Creativity!

Welcome to a world of endless possibilities at Pre-K, River City Preschool in Peoria, Illinois! 

Imagine a place where your child's curiosity meets a playground of knowledge, setting the stage for a lifelong love of learning. In our innovative pre-school education environment, we focus on nurturing each child's unique capabilities, fostering a creative learning pre-school experience that will help them soar. 

At River City Preschool, every day is an adventure, and every adventure is a step towards a brighter future!

Ready, Set, Learn...

The year before stepping into formal schooling, your child is like a sponge, ready to absorb the foundations for lifelong learning. It's a pivotal stage, and we, at River City Preschool, deeply understand this.

Preschoolers are natural explorers, brimming with curiosity. At our academy, we channel this exploration into a journey of meaningful learning. We stimulate their interests, build upon their inherent knowledge, and gently guide the transition from play-based learning to focused education.

Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten
The readiness for kindergarten is crucial in a child's educational journey. We ensure that your child strides into school with confidence and preparedness. With this goal in mind, our Pre-K program is strategically designed to mirror the kindergarten curriculum.

Our program goes beyond academics - it's about fostering a well-rounded individual. We create ample opportunities for your child to interact socially, an essential factor for future success both within and outside the classroom. Alongside equipping your child with kindergarten skills, we shape their critical thinking and stir up their creativity, molding them into young, inspired thinkers.

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Where Curiosity Grows, Learning Flows, and Friendships Glow!

Step into the vibrant world of River City Preschool, where preschool students flourish in a lively blend of education, fitness, and delightful enjoyment! We inspire our four-year-olds to not just recognize letters and numbers, but understand the sounds they make and the values they represent.

Every day, our students revel in open-ended art activities, engaging writing tasks, hands-on math lessons, and captivating science experiments. They gather for a daily group time, where they navigate through the calendar, discover the letter of the week, sing heartily, and immerse themselves in enchanting stories.

To foster social connections, we have carved out 'center time' in our daily schedule. Our preschool classroom brims with learning centers, each one bristling with inviting and age-appropriate materials. You'll find a sensory table, housekeeping corner, puzzles, and specific zones for Art, Science, and Math.

Lunchtime is a unique opportunity for delightful conversations in a friendly ambiance. Our teachers guide the students in learning proper table manners and etiquette, while the children enjoy their meals. Weather permitting, we seize the day outdoors on our playground, practicing shots at the basketball hoops, cycling, and engaging in various athletic activities like gymnastics and organized gym classes.

As we journey together, parents are kept in the loop with regular assessment updates. We provide ongoing portfolio collections, developmental checklist reports, and arrange family/teacher conferences twice a year. We believe in this collective effort, hand in hand, for the brighter future of our little ones.

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River City Preschool: (309) 693-5757

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Monday – Friday: 6:30am – 5:30pm

Kid’s Club: (309) 693-5700

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