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Turning Potential into Achievements

Step right into the world of Toddler Care at River City Preschool, a place where potential turns into accomplishments! 

Think of a place that's buzzing with energy, brimming with curiosity, and dedicated to shaping the next generation of bright minds. This is where our toddler care services shine, providing an environment that fosters intellectual development for toddlers. 

Every day, we channel their endless energy into productive learning, guiding them on a path that's not just about growing up, but growing better! 

At River City Preschool, we make learning an adventure that your little explorer won't want to miss.

Embracing Individuality

Your little adventurer is now blossoming rapidly, exploring newfound independence each day. It's a thrilling, gratifying, and sometimes challenging journey to witness. We understand that each child, at this stage, might be at a different place in their developmental timeline, with diverse milestones to achieve and goals to pursue.

At River City Preschool, we've thoughtfully crafted our Toddler Program to meet your child exactly where they are. We honor their individuality, catering to their unique needs, and ensuring their development continues to thrive, no matter their pace.

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Infancy to Preschool: Nurturing Adventures at River City Preschool!

Navigating the transition from infancy to preschool can feel like journeying into the great unknown. But here at River City Preschool, we make this in-between stage a thrilling adventure for your toddler. Our day-to-day classroom schedule ensures a healthy blend of small and large motor activities, allowing for ample movement and play. Opportunities to join group circle times and story hours enhance their social skills. And yes, we do love the great outdoors, where, weather permitting, toddlers can sprint, ride push toys, and engage in sensory activities.

Our approach promotes independence, encouraging toddlers to handle tasks such as self-feeding with spoons and sippy cups. At mealtimes, they gather around the table, a setting that fosters social interaction and instills proper table manners.

Throughout the day, we integrate activities that highlight:

  • Self-help skills like handwashing, tidying up, and dressing.
  • Group learning sessions that introduce shapes, colors, songs, and stories.
  • Early exposure to Math and Science through toys and puzzles that stimulate their brains.
  • Enriched learning centers featuring art, dramatic play, sensory experiences, and literature.
  • Large-motor development activities in the gym and outdoor play. 

Every day, you'll receive a detailed account of your child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering (or toilet training), and learning activities. Plus, our teachers perform assessments twice a year using comprehensive developmental checklists. This way, we ensure that your child's development is on track and that you're informed every step of the way.

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