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Early Education Meets Joyful Discovery

At River City Preschool, we understand that caring for your two-year-old isn't just about daycare – it's about sparking a lifelong love of learning in a secure environment. 

As experts in quality early education, we provide an interactive experience that nurtures their natural curiosity and builds a strong foundation for their future. We're not just watching over your children, we're partnering with you to shape their bright future. 

It's this unique approach to two-year-old childcare that has parents raving about River City Preschool! Our environment fosters growth and discovery in a way that's just as entertaining as it is educational. 

Now, isn't that the kind of place you want for your child's first big leap into the world?

Stepping into Independence

Embrace a remarkable journey as your two-year-old steps boldly into their independent stage. This period, laden with rapid growth across various aspects, ignites their craving for attentive interaction to better understand the world around them.

The River City Preschool embraces this exciting phase with our specially crafted Two Year Old Program, masterfully blending just the right amount of guidance with the thrill of newfound independence.

Witness your two-year-old, vibrant with energy and filled with an insatiable curiosity about the world, blossom as we channel their burgeoning independence through engaging individual and group activities, fostering their social interaction and enhancing overall development.

At River City Preschool, our signature Two Year Old Program is expertly tailored to amplify the autonomy that your two-year-old is starting to showcase. We do this by offering a medley of enjoyable and stimulating activities that nourish every facet of their growth. Embark on this enriching adventure with us and let's celebrate your child's unique progress together!

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Celebrate Their 'I Can Do It!' Stage!

Your two-year-old is at that exciting "I can do it!" stage, filled with an infectious zest for independence. At River City Preschool, we champion this enthusiasm through a range of activities that your child can undertake independently, such as open-ended art creations, age-appropriate puzzles, and delightful finger plays.

Our daily routine seamlessly incorporates potty training, providing your child with regular opportunities to experience the 'big kid potty'. We're passionate about nurturing their physical development too. Weather permitting, daily outdoor activities encourage them to run, jump, and climb to their heart's content. Fitness and gymnastics sessions – offered three times weekly – keep them moving and grooving.

Every day at River City Preschool is a new adventure in learning about numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. You'll receive detailed daily communications outlining your child's activities and progress. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of your child's developmental journey, our teachers meticulously observe and assess progress twice a year using developmental checklists. Together, we'll celebrate every step your two-year-old takes on their path to independence.

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