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Sprouts to Might Oaks

Welcome to River City Preschool, the go-to place for exceptional "3-4-year-old childcare"! We believe that every child is a bundle of unlimited potential, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. 

In our vibrant, stimulating environment, we offer "comprehensive early learning" that is both engaging and educational. With us, your little ones won't just grow, they'll flourish, all while having the time of their lives! Isn't that a combination you want for your precious ones? 

Join us and let's transform their today into an extraordinary tomorrow!

The Journey Begins...

Welcome to the next exciting chapter for your child as they blossom into the adventurous age of three! In this vibrant phase of growth, River City Preschool is your trusted partner, expertly guiding your little ones on their journey up the educational ladder.

On the Highway of Discovery
Children at three are buzzing bundles of boundless curiosity, armed with endless questions. This pivotal phase is a wonderland where learning flourishes. Their blossoming memory begins to link new knowledge with past experiences, laying a solid foundation for future academic strides. At River City Preschool, we aim to sharpen these educational tools to prime our learners for the pivotal phase of kindergarten.

Our Early Preschool Program is intricately crafted to foster an environment that fuels each child's creativity and interaction. While they dance, play and explore, we subtly weave in the fundamental elements of classroom education, ensuring they get the best start in their academic journey. 

Join us at River City Preschool, where we make learning an adventure to remember!

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Tailored Adventures in Learning, Growing, and Having a Blast!

Journey with us into the vibrant world of our Early Preschool teachers at River City Preschool! They craft unique activities to enhance language, cognitive abilities, creativity, motor skills, and social interactions. Our three-year-olds are gently guided to develop their pre-reading and writing skills, nurtured through captivating art activities, daily story times, and fun-filled letter recognition.

Who said math and science have to be boring? Not us! We introduce these skills through engaging activities like number games, hands-on manipulatives, sensory experiments, and thrilling discoveries. Our kiddos look forward to daily group times where we review the calendar, learn new songs, and delve into the story of the week.

Center time is our secret ingredient to fostering social interaction. We cultivate a sense of community as children share meal times, served family-style, with tasks to help teachers. This becomes an excellent platform for lively conversations and modeling table manners. And if the sun is shining, you bet we'll be outdoors, soaking in the fun with playground time, basketball, and cycling!

Physical activities? We've got that covered too! From gymnastics and swimming to structured gym classes, our three-year-olds are kept active and engaged.

To keep parents in the loop, we provide regular assessment updates throughout the year. This includes comprehensive portfolio collections, developmental checklist reports, and biannual family-teacher conferences. 

Dive into the fun, exciting world of learning with River City Preschool. Our preschool is more than a school, it's a thriving community of budding learners!

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